vPLAN is a complete and comprehensive system for project management in MS SharePoint

Good organization of projects in an efficient manner improves performance and reduces costs. Nowadays the company wishing to succeed the commercial success must be aware of the fundamental role of this process. Vialutions based on the experience of their own and their clients has created a solution that enable you to manage your projects using MS SharePoint platform.

vPLAN allows you to manage the work of departments, groups and individual employees. It also provide resource and costs planning tool as an option. Thanks to our solution you will, in an intuitive and user-friendly way plan, conduct and verify your projects.​​

vPlan is the agile solution and answer for those who are looking for the order and smart process management. You can place there all your resource data and attributes. All the information are stored in the MSSP data base so you don’t have to be aware of inconsistent data. You can manage the attributes of all the resources both in planning and production mode.


Here you can find a short video presentation of vPlan. It shows the basic functionalities and rules included in the core solution.

vPlan available on the open market should be considered as a base for customization depend on one customer requisites. Vialutions provides all the implementing and maintenance services including development services if needed.

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